Harbinger of Change – Andy Kehoe


I am taking a very slight detour from fairy tale this week to look at an artist who seems to base his art in the world of folklore, myth and stories instead. As a child I was deeply enthralled by stories, I had a vivid imagination and would spend hours daydreaming about mythical creatures; this probably is rather unsurprising and has made it so much easier for me in later years to link into the world of art.

Kehoe is an intriguing artist that presents an ethereal and wondrous world based in nature. His style seems to hark back to childhood books but at an elevated level, which makes his work feel comforting and endearing.

If you look on Kehoe’s website under the “About” section, you can find entertaining and far fetched tales about how he was brought up by iguanas and left his home island by wandering on to…

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